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Air Canada

Air Canada Now Offers Four Daily Flights to its Global Hub in Toronto

(Middletown, PA – May 1, 2018)  Today, Air Canada added a fourth daily flight between Harrisburg International Airport and Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

“We are grateful for Air Canada’s growing commitment to central Pennsylvania as over the past two years, Air Canada has doubled from two, to now four, daily departures from Harrisburg International Airport to its global hub in Toronto,” said Timothy Edwards, Executive Director.  “As more passengers continue to use the service, more flights will be earned in the future. “

Air Canada has provided Toronto service from Harrisburg for more than 20 years.  In 2017, more than 16,000 passengers flew Air Canada from HIA—up from 8,400 in 2010.

Click here for full press release: HIA – Air Canada add Fourth Daily Flight

Air Canada: Your Gateway to Europe!

Air Canada is your gateway from Harrisburg to Toronto, and from Toronto to the world. For the U.S. traveler connecting through Toronto before traveling internationally is seamless. Connecting through Toronto will save you travel time, and avoid the lines. When you arrive at Toronto, U.S. travelers have a dedicated bypass area to get you through customs quickly and efficiently. When returning through Toronto, you can pre-clear U.S. Customs in minutes, not hours. So if your travels are taking you across the ocean, consider Air Canada for all your international travel. Click Here to Book Now!