Meeting Minutes & Schedule

SARAA Meeting Minutes

A copy of the approved meeting minutes from the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority (SARAA) Board Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings and Operations Meetings are archived below. Each meeting’s minutes are approved at the next month’s board meeting and will be posted after they are approved.

Should you need board meeting minutes pre-dating those available online, please send your request to and a PDF copy will be e-mailed to you.

SARAA Board & Committee Meeting Schedule

Please note: All board meetings will be held on the last Wednesday of each month, with the exception of December which will be held on the first Wednesday. December’s meeting is a combination November/December meeting. Board meetings are open to the public.

2017 Board Meeting Schedule

  • 9/27/2017   8:00 AM
  • 10/25/2017   8:00 AM
  • 12/06/2017   8:00 AM

2017 Operations Meeting/Executive Committee Meeting Schedule*

  • 9/22/2017   8:00 AM
  • 9/22/2017   9:30 AM
  • 10/20/2017   8:00 AM
  • 10/20/2017   9:30 AM
  • 12/01/2017   8:00 AM
  • 12/01/2017   9:30 AM

There is no committee meeting scheduled for December.  *Operations Meeting will be held at 8:00am, followed by Executive Committee meetings at 9:30am.