Air Route Development at HIA

We are often asked what SARAA is doing to bring new airline service or destinations to HIA. On a regular basis, SARAA staff is monitoring airline activity, researching regional business travel trends, and building relationships with airlines to hopefully convince them to offer more flights to/from our region. The process of getting a new destination (and particularly a new airline) is a lengthy one, many times taking years.

Based on conversations with businesses in the region and in looking at trends and opportunities, we are currently trying to gain new service to Houston, Dallas, and Minneapolis. If service to any of these markets is important for your company, please let us know! As mentioned above, it helps us build a stronger business case for service when we have specific data on the business connections and regular travel patterns between Harrisburg and other markets.

Should you have any questions or if you have any travel ties you wish to share, please contact Marie Cartwright, Manager of Business Relationships at or 717-948-3900.