Spotlight On: Building Operations

Plumbing, HVAC, locksmith, building repairs…these are just a few of the daily tasks the building maintenance crew works on order to make HIA Altogether Better for all our passengers, tenants, and vendors.

The building maintenance department is made up of 14 people who cover all the buildings at HIA and the surrounding properties. The department also assists at the other SARAA owned airports as needed. The department is headed up by Mark Hake, who has been with HIA since 2000 and started out as a plumber and carpenter with the airport.

One of the biggest tasks for the department is maintaining the HVAC systems, which is critical to keeping the terminal and jet bridges a comfortable temperature for passengers. Fluctuating outside temperatures, large windows and many doors opening and closing during the day, add unique challenges to the task.  The department also does a lot of preventive maintenance for the 10-year old terminal building including jet bridge maintenance and general inspections. The department is also often assisted by Ken and Steve from Airfield Maintenance for certain tasks.

One job many people are surprised to learn building maintenance is responsible for is snow removal on the sidewalks, parking lots and streets at HIA.

Thank you Mark, Bill, Kevin, Fred, John, Howard, Stan, Bob, Terry, Tim, Ryan, Nestor, Robert, and Paul for all you do to help make HIA Altogether Better!