February 2017 – Board Meeting Press Release

January 2017 Traffic Numbers Higher, Return Charter Traffic, and No Snow

Passenger traffic for January 2017 totaled 91,709, which is an increase of 19.2 percent vs January 2016. This change in percentage is due to the benefit from a calmer winter (the January 2016 blizzard shut down air travel for 2 days) and return charters from the Rose Bowl Game. Overall, taking out the impact of the January 2016 blizzard and charter-related traffic, total passengers were up nearly 12%.

Enplanements for the month were 45,459, up 16.3 percent versus January 2016.

Individual airline passenger traffic includes:  American Airlines up 22 percent, Air Canada up 28 percent, Delta Air Lines up 14.4 percent, Allegiant up 25.8 percent, and United was nearly even.

 SARAA January Projects & Purchases

SARAA has approved the spending of $191,064.07 for the month of January 2017. The projects include an Airfield Tractor with Attachments priced at $159,612.25, and additional engineering and design services on three projects (Well Head PFOS Test, Building Demolitions, and Perimeter Fencing at GRA) priced at $31,451.82