April 2017 – Board Meeting Press Release

First Quarter Traffic at HIA Stays Strong

First quarter passenger traffic at HIA was strong as the airlines reported 283,180 total passengers, an increase of 9.9% compared to the first quarter of 2016. Air Canada posted the largest percentage increase in passenger traffic at 14%, followed by American Airlines at 13% and Delta at 12%.  “Looking ahead, the airport expects second quarter traffic to be at or near 2016 levels.” said Marshall Stevens, Deputy Executive Director.

SARAA Receives 2016 Audit Results

BKD, LLP of Indianapolis today presented the SARAA Board with an unmodified, clean financial audit opinion for the fiscal year 2016. The independent auditors report determined there were no significant deficiencies or material weaknesses related to SARAA’s internal controls for financial reporting and compliance with major federal awards programs. “It’s essential that our financial information presented is fairly and accurately verified by certified public accountants” say Thomas Peiffer, Deputy Director of Finance. “This demonstrates the financial strength of SARAA.” Peiffer additionally notes that this year’s audit is the strongest it has ever been.


SARAA has approved projects in the amount of $247,000 for the purchase of an airfield/landside pavement sweeping machine, and for design and bid services to replace the roof of Building 514.