Winter Weather and Flying

As we face what could be our first winter weather episode of 2016, let us not forgot some basic guidelines concerning flights:

Cancellation Policy — Know what your airlines cancellation policy is concerning weather and what you can expect, if anything, in compensation.

Communication Lines — If you have arrived at the airport and find that your flight is delayed you will more than likely find yourself waiting in line.  While you wait, it’s best to call the airline.  This will maximize your chances at re-bookinSnow2.13.14g.  You can also check alternative forms of communication like social media.  Some airlines are using social media, like Twitter, to re-book flights and give additional customer service.

Precautionary Measures — If poor weather is in the forecast, it is important to check your flight status before you leave home.  Many airlines allow you to sign up for flight alerts, which you can receive via email or a text message.  Alerts are sent for delays, flight changes or even cancellations.

Stay Positive — Just like traveling during the holiday season, it is important to pack patience.  Weather can affect every form of transportation, so it’s important to remember that patience and a calm demeanor will be appreciated.

It is important to remember that the airport itself does not make the decision to delay or cancel flights.  Each individual airline determines what will happen to a flight.  It is the airport’s responsibility to maintain a clear runway as well as the roads that lead in and out of the campus.  The airport staff, known as our MDT Weather Warriors, has done an outstanding job at clearing the runway, tarmac and roadways in and around MDT to keep our airport open.

Safe Travels to all!