Runway Construction Project:

After more than a million runway operations, even our toughest surfaces need some love. Our runway is currently being rebuilt and modernized, keeping our region connected with the world. 


  • Phase II has been completed
  • Project is currently in winter shutdown
  • Phase III will begin in Spring 2018

Fairfield Inn & Suites Project:

Whether you need to rest before or after a long day of travel, no problem. In the Summer of 2018, look for a brand new Fairfield Inn & Suites on property. Comfort will be just a short walk away.


  • Water and Gas service have been connected.  Work site has temporary electric service.
  • Precast roof panel were set during the period 12-1-17 to 12-4-17.

    During the week of 12-11-17, High will work on fourth floor interior and exterior framing / sheathing and third and fourth floor electrical rough-in/framing.


    High plans to enclose / tent the building as quickly as possible to facilitate interior work over the winter months.   Drywall will start in January.

  • Shaner estimates construction duration of 13 months and plans to open hotel in August 2018.

Hangar Expansion Projects:

General aviation and the corporate flight business continue to grow. To keep up, two new hangars are being constructed at the airport. Up, up, and away!