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What is MDT?

MDT = Money + Distance + Time

When you book a flight to or from HIA, you will notice that our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) booking code is MDT. That stands for Middletown, PA – where HIA is physically located. But that’s not the whole story: MDT also stands for the Money, Distance, and Time you could save by flying out of HIA.

Smart travelers know that when comparing airfares, it’s the total cost of the travel experience that matters. Airline ticket prices are easy to compare, but that comparison can be deceptive. When you add up the entire cost, a lower fare at another airport does not always save you money.

It costs money to drive and park at an airport. The IRS standard mileage rate is 56.5 cents per mile for business miles driven. Depending on the location of your home or office, a long drive may cost you more than the savings on an airline ticket itself.

Any distance traveled takes time – time that could be better spent in the office or at home. That time has value. Even if your flight from MDT requires a connection, the time spent waiting for that connection is often shorter than the time you’d spend driving to a distant airport.

MDT = Money + Distance + Time
So when it’s time to fly, how do you determine the best deal? Use our Travel Cost Calculator the next time you compare fares. By factoring Money, Distance and Time into the equation, the MDT formula gives you the true cost of each option.

If MDT is the better deal, enjoy the savings and convenience of flying from closer to home. And share with us your MDT experience, we'd love to hear your story.

If MDT is not the better deal, please let us know by completing our Found a Better Fare Elsewhere survey.

We regularly take the information gathered from potential MDT passengers and present it to airline route planners so they get a better understanding of the true size and scope of the central PA air travel marketplace. Airlines are starting to take notice – realizing that bringing more routes and better fares to our region is a win-win decision.