Gettysburg Regional Airport

Information About Gettysburg Regional Airport


GRA is located just outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in Adams County. The general aviation service airport provides an uncongested operating environment ideal for beginning pilots and weekend flyers. The airport handles approximately 10,000 operations per year.

Tie down and storage opportunities are available at GRA. Contact HIA or call 717-948-3900 for more information.

For FBO services, please contact:

Blouch Aircraft Services

1130 Chambersburg Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Adams County

Pilot Information

• Airport Code: GRA
• Located in Cumberland Township just outside the town of Gettysburg, Adams County
• Runway 6/24 is 3,100 feet long and 60 feet wide
• A partial taxiway on either side of the runway provides access to the hangar areas and fuel farm
• Landside facilities include four hangar units, 18,682 square feet of hangar space
• Federal Identifier, W05


Building for the Future – South Apron Construction

2022 – completed site work for new apron pavement, and storm water management system
2023 – pave apron area, and connector taxiway
2024 – phase 6: bid the south side partial parallel taxiway site work
2025 – construction of phase 6 site work, bid phase 7 to pave phase 6 in 2026
2026 – pave phase 7 parallel taxiway, bid the site work for first hangar pads and taxiway
2027 – build the site work for first hangar pads and taxiway
2028 – t-hanger construction


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