Answers to common questions

Arriving & Parking

How do I get to Harrisburg International Airport?

Harrisburg International Airport is easily reached from Interstates 83 and 283, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, State Route 230, and the Capital Beltway. Once you’ve reached HIA, simply follow the signs to the parking area of your choice.

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How early do I need to arrive at the airport before my flight?

At HIA, you should plan to arrive 60-90 minutes before your scheduled departure if you’re parking in the garage and 90 minutes ahead if you’re parking in the long-term economy lot. During the early morning hours (5 am to 8 am) and during the afternoon rush hours (2 pm to 6 pm), we suggest 90 minutes. Please confirm your airline’s check-in deadlines when you reserve your flight.

When does the airport open?

The terminal building and parking lots are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, the airline ticket counters are only open during those hours with departing flights. Rental car ticket hours vary as well.

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Where should I meet arriving passengers?

You may meet arriving passengers on the second floor of the terminal building between the entrance of the food court and the Security checkpoint. The best place to meet is in the “meet and greet area” on the second floor of terminal, the area marked by the large tile mosaic.

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Where can I park to wait for an arriving passenger?

We provide a convenient cell phone waiting lot at HIA where you can wait for an arriving passenger for up to 30 minutes for free. When you get the call that the flight has arrived, simply drive around to the terminal for pick-up.

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Can I escort someone to the gate?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) only allows ticketed passengers beyond the Security checkpoint. Special arrangements can be made with the airline for special situations, such as young children flying alone or passengers who need assistance.

Contact your airline for further details.

Services & Assistance

Can I talk to the airline staff stationed at HIA?

The airline staff of HIA is here to assist arriving and departing passengers only. HIA does not own the airlines, we merely lease space to our tenants who employ their own staff and use separate phone and computer systems. HIA staff is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the terminal building and related infrastructure only.

Because of that, we cannot connect calls to your airline or answer questions about lost bags, reservations or airline policies. You will need to contact your airline with those questions.

Some airlines serving HIA choose not to provide local phone service. HIA staff must adhere to each airline’s standard operating policies and may not release unlisted phone numbers to the public. All of the airlines provide 800 numbers, however, so you can always speak to an airline representative.

I lost an item in the terminal. What should I do?

If you lost an item in the airport itself, sometimes those items are turned in and will be held by the HIA police department. Please call 717-948-3501 to see if your item is in lost and found.

If you lost an item on an airplane or in a rental car, you will need to contact that airline or rental car company directly via their toll-free number.

Is there a currency exchange facility at HIA?

No, there is no such service at the airport. We recommend you visit your local banking institution for more information on this type of service.

Are there shoe shine services at HIA?

No, there is no such service at the airport.

Baggage & Security

How many bags can I take?

In general, you are allowed to take two checked bags, one carry-on bag and one personal item (a purse, computer bag, etc.) on each flight per person. Airlines charge fees for checked bags and in some cases for carry-on bags. Check your airline’s specific baggage policy when you reserve your flight.

Where can I find out what items I am not permitted to take on the airplane?

Check with your airline or with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Each airline has specific rules on special items.

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My bag was not here when I arrived. Can you help me?

Your airline is responsible for your bags, so you will need to contact them to file a missing or lost luggage bag claim. There are several ways you can do this.

  • Go to the airline’s baggage office at HIA.
  • Go to the airline’s ticket counter if it is open.
  • Call the airline’s toll-free baggage claim phone number.
  • File a claim on the airline’s website.

Because HIA employees work for the airport, not the airlines, HIA has no control over lost or delayed luggage. While our Customer Information staff will be happy to point you in the right direction to get help, we cannot retrieve lost luggage for you.

Flight & Airline Info

Where can I fly nonstop from HIA?

We provide daily nonstop service to multiple destinations, with connections worldwide.

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What is the airport code for Harrisburg International Airport?

The FAA code for Harrisburg International Airport is MDT. MDT refers to Middletown, the borough where we are located outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It also stands for the Money, Distance and Time you can save by flying HIA!