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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a federal agency created to protect U.S. transportation systems. They are responsible for the Security process at all U.S. airports. For information on the TSA’s policies and procedures, visit the TSA’s website. You may also call the TSA at 866-289-9673 with any comments or questions about airport security.

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TSA Pre®

TSA offers TSA Pre lanes at HIA during select hours of the day. TSA Pre allows pre-screened low-risk travelers to pass through Security faster. TSA Pre fliers on participating airlines do not have to remove their belts, shoes or jackets or take liquids or laptops out of their bags. They enjoy shorter lines and faster check-in.

Eligible travelers may apply for TSA Pre status for a fee.

Participating HIA airlines include Air Canada, Allegiant, American, Delta, and United.

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces and some other groups are automatically eligible for TSA Pre. Check the TSA’s website for details.

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Find Out How to Apply *HIA does not have a TSA Pre application office at the airport. Please check TSA’s website for a list of locations.