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Media Inquiries

All press inquiries need to be addressed to SARAA Deputy Director of Business Development and Strategic Marketing with all press inquiries unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

717-948-3900, Ext. 4620 717-948-4636 info@saraa.org

Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.


Media Access and Parking at HIA

All members of the media should contact the SARAA Deputy Director of Business Development and Strategic Marketing before coming to the airport. All media vehicles and live-remote trucks must be clearly marked with station identification. In addition, any media representative visiting the airport must have at all times a visible media ID badge and all equipment must be clearly marked.

Due to increased security, parking is not allowed along the front curb or anywhere in the normal flow of traffic. Therefore all media vehicles, except live-remote trucks, must park in the Parking Garage. Parking for all media vehicles with a height over 8 feet will be allowed in the lined spaces near the airport loading dock off of Terminal drive. (Call above listed phone number for directions if necessary.)

If parked illegally, media vehicles may be ticketed and towed. In the case of a serious incident or emergency, SARAA may need to designate a special media staging area. This location will be communicated via telephone, fax or airport police. At all times, airfield access for media and equipment will be coordinated in advance and provided by SARAA staff.


Taping and Still Photography

Media will be allowed to take video or still pictures in non-leased, pre-security areas including the main terminal building, public parking lots and at the observation deck. Due to Transportation Security Administration rules, only ticketed passengers are allowed through the security checkpoint. Media will not be allowed past the security checkpoint or in any restricted areas. With the increased security, filming of the security checkpoints must be approved in advance by contacting the Transportation Security Administration 717-948-4800. All members of the media are asked to obey the instructions of the checkpoint personnel or airport police when filming or taking photos.

If media are invited to an airport event that requires them to be escorted through security by a badged airport personnel, the media personnel and ALL equipment (no exceptions) are required to be scanned a the security checkpoint.


Commercial Filming

Commercial filming at any SARAA airport must be approved and coordinated in advance with the SARAA Properties Manager. Should filming involve an airport tenant, then that tenant’s corporate office must approve the filming in advance.


Leased Areas

All airlines, concessionaires, rental car companies and tenants lease space from SARAA. As a result, they are in control of their leased space. The airlines are responsible for the operation of the ticket counters, curbside check-in, gate areas and baggage claim.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for all baggage security screening and security checkpoints. The rental car companies are responsible for their ticket counter areas and their ready return lots. All members of the media must obtain permission from the appropriate tenant to film or photograph a leased space.



Weather conditions may at times affect airport operations. Harrisburg International Airport does not close during most inclement weather conditions. The HIA terminal building will remain open at all times unless damaged or in case of an emergency. Flight delays, cancellations and re-routing decisions are made by the individual airline on a flight-by-flight basis. FAA air traffic controllers may also play a role in an airlines decision-making process. Information on a flight’s status is best found on the airline’s website.