Enjoy Faster Service Through Security.

These helpful packing tips from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will help you get through Security faster and avoid damage to your belongings.

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    Food and Drinks

    If you want to bring more than 3.4 ounces of any liquids or gel on your trip, TSA requires that you put it in a checked bag or ship it. You won’t be allowed to bring larger quantities of liquids through Security. Only drink items purchased at the airport beyond Security are allowed onto the plane.

    The TSA does make exceptions for medications, baby formula, or food and breast milk. You’ll need to present these items for inspection in Security.

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    No wrapped gifts are allowed through the Security checkpoint.

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    You will need to present a photo ID. For a list of acceptable IDs, visit the TSA website.

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    Carry-On Baggage

    Carry-on baggage is a small piece of luggage you take onboard the airplane with you. You are allowed one carry-on in addition to one personal item such as a laptop computer, purse, small backpack, briefcase, or camera case.

    TSA will screen any carry-on baggage that will fit through the X-ray machine; however, it is up to each individual air carrier as to whether the baggage fits the size restrictions for your flight. Please check your airline’s baggage policy before proceeding through the Security checkpoints.

    Always keep your belongings in sight. You are responsible for your property as it proceeds through the screening process.

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    Checked Baggage

    Checked baggage is luggage you check in at the ticket counter. It will not be accessible during your flight. All checked baggage must be at the airline ticket counters at least 40 minutes before departure. When locking your checked bags, only use a TSA Accepted & Recognized Lock. TSA is mandated by Federal law to screen 100% of checked baggage. If your baggage alarms, unrecognized locks will be broken to access your bags. TSA will not reimburse passengers for unrecognized locks broken as a result of the security screening process.

    Do NOT pack the following items in your checked baggage:

    • Jewelry
    • Cash
    • Laptop computers
    • Fragile items, no matter how you protect them
    • Film (it will be damaged by X-rays during screening)

    Packing Tips for checked bags:

    • Pack shoes on top of other contents in your luggage.
    • Avoid over packing.
    • Avoid packing food and drink items in checked baggage.
    • Spread books and documents out within your baggage.
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    General Packing Tips

    The following general packing tips apply to both carry-on and checked baggage:

    • Do NOT pack or bring prohibited items to the airport.
    • LABEL your luggage and laptop computer. Put an extra label inside your bags.
    • Check your airline’s baggage allowances and fees ahead of time.
    • Avoid over packing.
    • Be aware that personal items in your bag may be examined during screening.
    • Place personal items in clear plastic bags to reduce the chance that a TSA screener will have to handle them.