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Find The True Cost Of Your Trip.

When comparing flights out of HIA and other airports located hours away, be sure to factor in the time and money you spend commuting to and from the airport. It’s more than just airfare. It’s the sleep you lose. The money you burn on gas and tolls. The time you waste trekking through crowded airports and waiting in long lines. And you have to go through all of it all over again on your trip home.

When you factor in the Money, Distance and Time, HIA is often an Altogether Better value.

Find Out The True Cost Of Your Trip

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From Harrisburg (MDT)
From Philadelphia (PHL)
From Baltimore (BWI)
From Washington DC (IAD)

Still Not Flying HIA?

If you’re still getting a better value driving out of our region to fly, please click here to complete our Found a Better Fare Elsewhere survey. The input you share helps us show airlines—in real dollars—the opportunities they’re losing.

Your use of this calculator helps us in our ongoing efforts to attract more flights, more airlines and better fares for Central PA travelers.

Here's How We Calculated the True Costs of Your Trip:
AirfareN/AN/AN/AN/ABased on your input
Driving CostN/AN/AN/AN/ABased on IRS Rate of $0.54 per mile (roundtrip)
Travel Time CostN/AN/AN/AN/A Based on Pennsylvania County Median Household Income figures as provided by the Census Bureau State & County Quick Facts (roundtrip)
Parking CostN/AN/AN/AN/A Based on Long-Term Economy Parking rates at each airport for specified length of trip
Total CostN/AN/AN/AN/A All columns added together
Your Savings From MDT-N/AN/AN/A Your savings when flying from Harrisburg International Airport compared to PHL, BWI, and IAD