HIA Flyer Rewards & Susquehanna Club

Altogether Rewarding.

HIA’s Flyer Rewards program provides special benefits for frequent flyers through HIA. Enjoy a fast track through Security, earn reward points every time you fly HIA and gain access to our exclusive Susquehanna Club, where you can relax in comfort, catch up the news, enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or get a little work done while traveling.

You can sign up in person at the desk in the Susquehanna Club, located across from gate A2, or register anytime online using the link below.

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    Eligibility to Join

    Travelers age 21 and above who fly at least 25,000 miles per year on an airplane serving HIA are eligible for HIA Flyer Rewards. Simply register to receive your HIA Flyer Rewards card and enjoy:

    • Access to the front of the HIA Security line during busy weekday morning hours.
    • Reward points for traveling through HIA.
    • Membership in the Susquehanna Club.
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    How to Earn HIA Flyer Reward Points

    **Effective April 2020, FlyBucks are currently not being issued and are not redeemable. We are working on a new solution for our fliers. We still ask you to submit your trip data form, as this helps us gather cumulative data that we use when working with the airlines on new routes and expanded service. 

    You’ll earn HIA Flyer Reward Points every time you fly through HIA. To earn points, report your trip data at the Susquehanna Club or submit it online using the link below. Earn one point for every $100 spent on an airline ticket and one point for each day parked onsite at the airport.

    Once you have earned 50 points, an email will alert you that you are eligible for a $5 Fly Buck certificate, redeemable at any airport vendor. Fly Bucks will be available for pick-up in the Susquehanna Club, Monday-Friday. You may also save your points to use in the future at your convenience.

    Points expire after two years of inactivity on your account.

    Please note that back-dated forms will not be accepted and trips taken before your HIA Flyer Rewards card was issued are NOT eligible for points. If you have questions please contact us at club@saraa.org.

    Get Points By Reporting Trip Data

    *effective January 1, 2017

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    How to Check Your Point Status

    You can check your point status anytime by asking Susquehanna Club staff or viewing your status online. If you previously set up your online account¬†and are unable to access it, please click on the “don’t have a password yet” link and set up your online access again.

    Check Your Point Status

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    Susquehanna Club

    Conveniently located across from gate A2, the Susquehanna Club is open to HIA Flyer Reward members. Inside the Club, you’ll find sofas and tables, a large-screen TV, newspapers and magazines, and free coffee, water, and soda. You’ll also find two work stations, a small meeting room, and a photocopier and fax machine so you can get some work done between flights.

    **Effective July 13, 2020 – The Susquehanna Club is open from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It is closed on Tuesdays, weekends, and major holidays. Days and times are subject to change without notice.

    We ask that you kindly observe the rules of conduct expected of all Club members and guests. Anyone observed by Susquehanna Club staff not observing these rules of conduct may be asked to leave the Club.

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    Conference Room Access

    Our conference room may be reserved for meetings of up to two hours one week in advance.

    Contact Us To Reserve The Conference Room