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Arriving at MDT

Know your parking options for when coming to the airport to pick up an arriving passenger.

Need a bite to eat while you wait?  Our restaurant partners would be happy to serve you!

Every flight listed on this page is maintained by the respective airlines and is continuously updated 24 hours a day. Harrisburg International Airport is not responsible for the accuracy of this flight information. Please call the airlines directly if you have any questions about flights.

US Airways 38321:04 PMCharlotteArrived1:04 PMC3
United 33321:23 PMWashington-IADOn Time1:23 PMB3
Delta 38001:55 PMDetroitOn Time1:55 PMA3
US Airways 48102:08 PMPhiladelphiaOn Time2:08 PMC3
US Airways 46352:41 PMCharlotteOn Time2:41 PMC3
Allegiant Air 6103:07 PMOrlando/SanfordOn Time3:07 PMB2
Air Canada 72684:12 PMTorontoOn Time4:12 PMC3
United 4724:14 PMChicago O'HareOn Time4:14 PMB3
Air Canada 72694:35 PMTorontoOn Time4:35 PMC3
US Airways 48004:40 PMPhiladelphiaOn Time4:40 PMC3
Delta 51474:48 PMDetroitOn Time4:48 PMA3
Delta 12375:06 PMAtlantaOn Time5:06 PMA1
American Eagle 36785:50 PMChicago O'HareOn Time5:50 PMC1
US Airways 48766:28 PMPhiladelphiaOn Time6:28 PMC3
United 33346:50 PMWashington-IADOn Time6:50 PMB3
US Airways 51587:18 PMCharlotteOn Time7:18 PMC3
US Airways 47927:33 PMPhiladelphiaOn Time7:33 PMC3
United 6828:12 PMChicago O'HareOn Time8:12 PMB3
Delta 51129:10 PMDetroitOn Time9:10 PMA3
Delta 48999:10 PMDetroitOn Time9:10 PMA3
US Airways 55649:14 PMCharlotteOn Time9:14 PMC2
US Airways 48389:21 PMBostonOn Time9:21 PMC3
American Eagle 34869:31 PMChicago O'HareOn Time9:31 PMC1
US Airways 477010:04 PMPhiladelphiaOn Time10:04 PMC3
Delta 247910:33 PMAtlantaOn Time10:33 PMA1
United 333610:55 PMWashington-IADOn Time10:55 PMB5
US Airways 487211:28 PMPhiladelphiaOn Time11:28 PMC3
US Airways 451111:54 PMCharlotteOn Time11:54 PMC3