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Holiday Travel Tips

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Turkey Travel Tips

Like most Americans you will probably travel to be with family for the holidays.  For a few of you air travel is required.  Here are a few common travel tips to help you through the holiday season.  


Traveling is both mentally and physically exhausting.  Mishaps, delays, lost luggage all combine for interesting table fodder, in hindsight of course.  But when you are experiencing it, the best thing to do is remain calm, take a deep breath and remember spending time with family makes it all worthwhile, right?

2.—Plan for the Unexpected

It’s inevitable, the weather man missed the freak ice storm that has delayed your travel or traffic is snarled on the expressway.  Plan ahead; make sure you check travel conditions and flight status before you leave home.  Make sure you leave early and add some cushion time for anything that might be between you and the airport.

3.—Travel on the off-peak days

If you can travel on Tuesday or even on Thanksgiving itself and avoid the busiest travel day of the year (Wednesday) than do it!  This will help you to avoid long lines and crowds associated with the day before Thanksgiving travel.     And hopefully keep your stress level in check. 

4.—Pack Light

With baggage fees reaching record numbers its best to pack light and try not to check bags.  Layer as much as you can when traveling and leave unnecessary items at home.  If you do have to check luggage, make sure you have your necessary medications and a change of clothes in your carry-on, just in case your luggage becomes lost. 

5.—Travel early or travel late

New studies show that early morning flights have a less likely chance of being late and if by chance the flight would be cancelled you have a better opportunity of catching a later flight that same day.  Early morning flights or late night flights help lessen the volume of people you will encounter. 

These are just a few tips that we hope will help as you embark on your holiday travels.  Even the best laid plans can hit some turbulence, just remember to breath and try not to sweat the small stuff.  As always, safe travels and happy holidays from your friends at MDT!  

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Surviving Holiday Travel: Week 1

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The 2014 Holiday season is upon us, hard to believe, we know.  We have put together a list of travel apps that might just help you through the hustle and bustle of travel. 


GateGuru is a travel app that provides all of your flight and airport information to help you manage your travel day.   The app includes real-time flight status with notifications and specific airport information based on your travel plans.  GateGuru helps you navigate the airport with weather, flight info, amenities and even airport tips. 


PackPoint is an “intelligent” packing list builder.  It will formulate a list of packing needs based on the length of the trip, destination, and activities planned during your trip.  PackPoint will take into consideration if your trip is business or leisure, activities you have planned, forecasted weather, and even if you are traveling abroad. 


Yelp is a business review app and website.  Yelp is your local guide for reviewing restaurants, shops and services.  The app also provides phone numbers, maps, menus, directions, pictures and more!


Have your heard about Uber?  It’s fast growing transportation option.  It’s a private driver at your fingertips.  Uber is an on-demand transportation service not requiring reservations or waiting in lines. Available in more than 40 countries, simply input where you are, where you want to go and what type of vehicle you would like to ride in and voila, Uber! 

There are thousands of other travel apps available; test them out and let us know what works best for you!

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HIA Skybridge goes Pink!

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HIA Skybridge goes Pink!
Capital BlueCross and Harrisburg International Airport Partner for Breast Cancer Awareness

Harrisburg International Airport (HIA) is pleased to partner with Capital BlueCross in turning HIA’s SkyBridge Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.  For the remainder of October, visit the bridge connecting the parking garage to the terminal and learn about six Central Pennsylvania women and their fight against breast cancer. 

“With people from around the world using the facility daily, we feel this is a great opportunity to showcase the impact the battle against breast cancer has had on the lives of some of our neighbors,” said Timothy J. Edwards, Executive Director Harrisburg International Airport.  “It is also a reminder of how breast cancer affects all ages, races and demographics within our community,”

“We are humbled and honored to share the stories of these inspiring women,” said Dr. Jennifer Chambers, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer at Capital BlueCross. “They are strong and active and so full of life. And they are dedicated to making sure that others who are facing breast cancer know that support is available. We are grateful to HIA for helping us spread their message to thousands of travelers each day.”

In addition to breast cancer survivor stories, the Capital Blue blog ( features fresh and original stories each week on nutrition, fitness, wellness, area events and healthy recipes. The blog is written by local contributors and Capital BlueCross employees.

The story of these six women and their strength is inspiring.  Please join Harrisburg International Airport and Capital Blue Cross in bringing awareness to this disease which affects approximately 1 out of every 8 women.  

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Family Fun in Philadelphia

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If you are visiting the City of Brotherly Love, a great way for your family to see Philadelphia is to purchase the City Pass.  This discounted ticket offers you admission to your choice of five museums in the Philadelphia area, including the Big Bus Company Trolley Tour.  The Trolley Tour is a great tour to take when you arrive in the area to familiarize yourself with the sights and sounds of Philly.  The bus has numerous pick up locations, including all the main attractions.  Also included in your CityPass is admission to the Franklin Institute and Adventure Aquarium.  In addition, you can choose between Philadelphia Zoo or National Constitution Center and Eastern State Penitentiary or Please Touch Museum.  These are nice options depending on the age of your group.  The National Constitution Center is a great spot for children learning about American History.  The Freedom Rising theatrical production is awe inspiring and inspirational.  The kids will also enjoy Signers’ Hall, where you will find 42 life-size bronze statues of the founding fathers and kids can sign their own copy of the Constitution. 

If you are sticking with a historical theme on this trip, don’t forget to stop at Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.  While you will have to stop at the Visitors Center to get a walk-up ticket, these attractions are free and part of the National Park system.  The ticket will set a time for you to enter the hall.  Plan ahead and get your tickets early so you have time to see some of the other sights surrounding Independence Hall.   

Philadelphia is rich in history mixed with fun museums for all ages.  The CityPass tour gives you an opportunity to experience both, and hopefully inspire our next generation.  

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Money Saving Tips for Your Disney Vacation!

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If you are planning on taking your little prince/princess to Disney World, here are a few quick money- saving tips.  A trip to Disney World wouldn’t be complete without a visit to The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  Disney offers several BBB packages, but in order to save some money, visit your local Disney Outlet after Halloween and stock up on the Princess gear.  Sometimes you can score the Princess costumes and accessories at more than 50% off.  Then pack a separate bag with your findings, and have your little princess awake to find her magical dress ready for her day at the park.  Put a note from the Princess that says she looks forward to meeting her later that day.  Your child will be delighted and so will your wallet!  By doing this you can purchase the smaller princess package at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and not incur the costs for the dress and accessories.  If you don’t live near a Disney Outlet Center, watch the website, they often will have good sales after holidays, including Authentic Park merchandise. 

For your Pirate adventurer, you can find good deals at the outlets or during the Black Friday sales.  If you know you are traveling in the near future it doesn’t hurt to stock up on a few extras to use as a treat during your vacation. Your travel options to Orlando are growing!  Frontier Airlines will increase nonstop service between Harrisburg and Orlando International Airport (MCO) starting December 7th, operating Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Allegiant Air will increase nonstop service to Orlando/Sanford Airport (SFB) towards the end of December 19th, 2014.  Both airlines continue their expanded schedules through February 2015.  So if you’re planning to surprise your loved ones with a trip to Orlando this holiday season, now is the time to book! 

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Summer Storms

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Everyone expects airports to report delays in the winter months, but people often forget that summer weather can wreak havoc on travel plans too!  Did you know that 70% of flight delays are caused by bad weather? And it doesn’t have to be weather happening at your airport, it could be weather happening between points A and B.  Summer weather can actually be worse than winter weather because the storms sneak up quickly, giving airlines less time to prepare. Winter storms tend to take more time to develop, allowing for more preparation. 

Thunderstorms can be very tricky for pilots; the key is for the pilots and the air traffic controllers to work together.  Sometimes planes are re-routed 20 miles or more, just to avoid thunderstorms or bad weather.  The most dangerous part of the storm is their ability to cause microbursts or downdrafts, which are unpredictable.  A downdraft is a vertical movement of air that can resemble tornado like damage.  And don’t forget about hail and turbulence, the two biggest hazards to aircraft during a storm. 

All of these factors play a role in summer weather delays at airports.  If you learn that weather may cause your flight to be delayed or cancelled, get in line at the ticket counter and get on the phone with the airline.  This will maximize your chances of rebooking your flight and hopefully minimize the disruption to your schedule.  You can also check out social media, as some airlines are using platforms like Twitter to rebook flights and give additional customer service information.  

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Packing Tips

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Summer vacation season is upon us and many of you are getting ready to dust of the suitcases and start the packing process.  Our friends at AAA Central Penn have put together a number of packing tips to help ease the daunting task of what and how to pack.  Here are some of the tips put together by their Travel Store staff:

Packing Tips:

1.       Know your airlines baggage policy!  Each airline has its own baggage policy with size and weight limitations.  It’s                
          important to be aware of such policies so you aren’t surprised when you get to the ticket counter. 

2.       Make a packing list.  Start making a list a few weeks in advance, this way you less likely to forget something if you plan

3.       Pick a basic color scheme such as black, white, and red or khaki, black, and white.  Then you can mix and match your
          clothing and layer.

4.       Wear your heaviest and bulkiest clothing such as boots, sneakers, sweaters, or jackets.

5.       Place all other heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase so when you stand up your luggage everything falls to the
          bottom.  These items may include shoes, a toiletry bag, or a hair dryer.

6.       Place a cardboard divider between the heavy items on the bottom and your top layer with clothing.  This serves as a
          divider and easy access to the bottom layer. 

7.       Roll up all knit items such as sleepwear, workout clothes, t-shirts, and sweatpants.

8.       Keep all valuables in your carry-on.  These items may include your wallet, phone, keys, camera, jewelry, and medication.

9.       Always follow the 3-1-1 rule for carry-ons set forth by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Only liquids less
          than 3.4 ounces, in a 1-quart zip lock bag per person are allowed in carry-on luggage/bags.  If you are traveling for an
          extended amount of time, it’s best to place those liquids in your checked luggage. 

10.   Pack patience!  When traveling there are things that often “pop-up” unexpectedly, always best to pack patience and a
         sense of humor!

AAA Central Penn also has a great packing checklist which is a great place to start!  

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Capital City Airport to Host the Oldest Historic Air Race

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Air Race Classic Route MapNew Cumberland, PA — Capital City Airport in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania will be the terminus, or final stop, of this year’s Air Race Classic (ARC) which spans over 2,338 nautical miles.

The 2014 Air Race Classic will be held June 16–19. Racers will zoom through ten intermediate stops in four days enroute from Buchanan Field Airport in Concord, California in the quest for the fastest time.

This year’s ARC will have fifty-two teams and over one hundred female pilots compete for the championship title in the transcontinental air race. Follow the ARC teams at or

The race is an annual, all-female pilot air race in which pilot’s race against their own best speed in the small airplane of their choice. Racers will undergo briefings, flight planning, and a fly by study prior to take off.  Additionally, the aircraft must be “stock” models (no experimental) and have their handicap speed identified with a check pilot.  Many of the pilots race not only for the experience, but compete to refine their flight skills as the route changes each year in order to keep the race challenging.

The Air Race Classic carries on the long tradition of women’s air racing that dates back to 1929. Air racing became popular in the 1920’s, but women pilots were forbidden to race against the men in that era, so the women started their own.

The race attracts competitors of all ages around the world.  In 2013, pilots from Kosovo, Japan and Italy joined US pilots in the ultimate four day air race challenge. Collegiate teams make up nearly 20% of each year’s racers.

The race begins Monday, June 16, precisely at 8 A.M. and airplanes will take off every 30 seconds. There are 9 predetermined stops as the pilots make their way along the way eastward, where high speed low timing passes are permitted.

Once at the terminus, Capital City Airport, scores will be determined by a panel of judges and timers, and the winner will be announced at the gala Awards Banquet Saturday evening, June 21.


The Air Race Classic, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to: encouraging and educating current and future women pilots, increasing public awareness of general aviation, demonstrating women's roles in aviation, and presenting and promoting the tradition of pioneering women in aviation.

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Frontier's Nonstop Denver Service Returns

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On April 30th, 2014 Frontier Airlines will resume nonstop service from Harrisburg to Denver four times per week.  Denver has quickly become the 4th most popular destination at MDT.  Visit Denver, The Convention and Visitors Bureau published a great list of attractions for families to help in planning a Denver visit.  Here is the their list and for more information visit

Top 10: Family Attractions in Denver

The Best of the Mile High City for the Young - and the Young at Heart Families will find no shortage of fun for all ages in Denver, with zoos, theme parks, interactive museums, dinosaurs and much more.


Denver Zoo, located in City Park, spans over 75 acres and is home to over 4,000 animals including rare amur leopards, okapi, black rhinoceros, elephants, vampire bats, orangutan, Komodo dragons and more. Children and families love the Zoo, thanks to special children's workshops, summer camps, Family Book Club, and the Bunk with the Beasts overnight adventure.


Exciting minds of all ages, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science lets kids explore fossils and dinosaurs, the mysteries of space at Gates Planetarium (it's out of this world!), Egyptian mummies, the riddles of the human body at Expedition Health, and a slew of other hands-on exhibits.


Educational, creative and fully interactive, this engaging museum for the younger set is chock-block with myriad exhibits, playscapes, and hands-on activities. Kids can shop in a makeshift grocery store and even play the part of the cashier, or brush up on their science quotient in the brand new Bubble laboratory.


Roller coaster groupies, Ferris wheel fans and aficionados of rides that spin, twist and twirl will find all that and more at this urbanized theme park, a catchall of thrills, spills and chills spanning 70 acres. With more than 45 rides, plus a 10-acre Water Park, musical stages, stunt shows, arcades and the StarToon Studios, a kiddie area with pint-sized fun, there's something here for just about everyone.


America's largest family water park features over 40 aquatic attractions on 67 beautifully landscaped acres, including two giant wave pools, white-water rapids, speed slides, the Big Top Family Fun Zone, Wally World for tots and much more.


Oceanic inspiration comes in all guises at this visually intoxicating aquarium, but the main draw is the 500 species of fish and marine life swimming in more than one million gallons of water. The exhibits, which traverse through a coral lagoon, Indonesian rainforests, North American wilderness, Sumatran tiger habitats, shipwrecks and wharfs, are engaging and exotic. Kids can feed the stingrays, swim with the sharks, pan for gold, become a marine biologist for a day, or even spend the night in the


Located in Westminster, a 15-minute drive from downtown Denver, this stand-alone insect zoo is the perfect indoor refuge in which to interact with live invertebrates fluttering around a lush rainforest, or to hold Rosie, a Chilean Rose Hair tarantula, in the palm of your hand. The Wings Over the Tropics conservatory is home to more than 1,200 flitting butterflies, moths and skippers, shipped from farms as far away as Kenya and Ecuador.


Art and science unite in the gardens' spectacular 23-acre site, offering an unforgettable experience for the whole family, as well as a living laboratory for education and plant conservation programs. The new Mordecai Children's Garden offers a place to play, explore and discover. Young naturalists will have the opportunity to learn unique characteristics of plants living in the Rooftop Alpine Garden, discover how plants and animals live together on Marmot Mountain, race pinecones down Springmelt Stream, and hunt for bugs in the Glorious Grasslands and observe aquatic life at Pipsqueak Pond.


Learn about prehistoric Colorado residents at Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, where visitors can touch the bones of Allosaurus and Stegosaurus at the site where important dinosaur discoveries were made in the late 1800s. See how Iguanadons walked by viewing real dinosaur footprints forever preserved in the sandstone.


Lose track of time year-round at our Depot Museum and 15-acre railyard featuring over 100 engines, cabooses and coaches, and our garden railway, renowned library and roundhouse restoration facility with working turntable. Special events and train rides behind a vintage steam locomotive throughout the year.

Information provided by Visit Denver, The Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Departure: Winter!

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Here at the airport we are very happy to say goodbye to Old Man Winter and welcome all spring has to offer.  This winter has been like no other.  But we are proud to say that our crew of winter weather warriors kept our airport fully operational all winter long.  Here is winter by the numbers:

·         31,750 gallons of liquid deicer used on the airfield

·         19,147 gallons of diesel fuel used in snow equipment

·         12,000 pounds of solid deicer used on the airfield

·         5,218 hours of time put on snow equipment

·         4,902 hours of overtime worked during snow removal

·         388 tons of road salt and anti-skid used on land side

·         43.2 inches of snow received at MDT as of 2/28/14

·         19 tons of sand used on airfield

·         12 cutting edges replaced on plows

·         An average of 1.9 inches of snow fell per hour

·         Heaviest snowfall day:  February 13

Needless to say we will not be complaining when the heat and humidity are upon us, all we have to do is check this list!

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