Cargo at HIA

Many people do not realize that Air Cargo is an important part of HIA’s business.  In fact, because FedEx and UPS do the bulk of their flying at night, many times people do not notice the UPS and FedEx planes sitting at the cargo ramp, toward the east end of the airport. In 2014, HIA had just shy of 100,000 tons of cargo flown in and out of the airport.

Due to the amount of warehouses and manufacturers in the region, there is significantly more outbound cargo than inbound cargo. Everything from electronics and household items to temperature controlled medical products are flown in and out of the region daily. FedEx brings approximately 23,500 tons of air cargo into the region annually and UPS brings approximately 22,800 tons.  Additionally, some cargo is delivered by private planes and on some of the larger passenger planes.

Typically, air cargo is flown in from Williamsport and Scranton and is combined with cargo delivered by truck. It is then flown by FedEx to New York, Indianapolis and Memphis, or by UPS to Louisville. During the holiday season, UPS will add a daily 747 flight to the regular schedule. Check out this video from December 15, 2014, when it arrived for the season.