Musings of a Wannabe Frequent Flyer

I’ve done a fair amount of traveling over the past three months and find myself less and less enchanted with my fellow passengers.   There is just some travel etiquette that everyone should follow, it’s that simple. I still believe that flying is magical. I’m still giddy to watch out the window when we’re coming in for a landing, still excited to get snacks and if the flight is offering a movie, look out. So don’t rain on my parade with your less than stellar “plane manners.”

  • Shady Passenger

Let’s assume in this example that you got to pick your seats. Unfortunately you were too late to the party and could only get an aisle or the god forsaken middle seat. There’s still hope to get a glimpse out the window, but you’ve been seated with a “shady” window seat passenger. You know the one that immediately pulls the shade down and blocks any view you might have had. Let’s hope they didn’t pay to pick that seat.

  • Sleepy Sue Passenger

The average time to board a plane is about 30 minutes; most airlines do their best for a quick turnover. So how is that you come in, stow your belongings, sit down and fall asleep? How do you possibly fall asleep that quickly? There’s nothing quiet about the boarding process, not to mention if you’re on the aisle, you are being hit by aisle traffic. Even more aggravating is having to wake the sleeping passenger to get to your seat.

  • Gate Crowding

Why oh why does everyone run for the gate when they announce boarding? You know they start with preferred, military, those needing extra assistance. If you’re not one of them, get out of the way! Hate, hate having to push my way through, have a seat, take a walk, but don’t crowd the gate.

  • Quick Draw

I understand that you’ve been sitting for a while, legs are stiff, but why do you immediately jump up when the plane pulls into the gate? Where do you think you’re going? Never once have I seen plane let the rear passengers out first. Sit down and relax. You’re not getting out any faster than the rest of us and pulling your carry-ons down and hitting the passenger in front, is not appreciated. Sit down and wait your turn!

Travel can be tedious, but if we work to improve our basic “plane” manners the overall experience will be a lot better.