Musings of a Wannabe Frequent Flyer: Part 2

The wanna be frequent flier is back, having recently traveled out west for a long weekend. A 5 hour flight was the perfect opportunity for observing people’s lack of “plane” manners.

  • Bin-Hog – we all have to share the overhead bins. On this flight I chose to not check a bag, but had an appropriately sized roller bag overheadbin23432(check with your airline in advance for sizes) to put overhead and a large purse to put under my seat. The first rule of putting a bag overhead is to put the wheels in first if the bin is deep enough– they take up less space so more fit in each bin. Next, put your coat, pillow, etc on top of the suitcase if there is room. Your coat does not need its own entire overhead bin. Also, if you have a smaller item like a purse, smaller briefcase, put it under your feet and save the overhead bins for the bigger roller boards. Being a little courteous and not a bin hog makes a big difference and gets the flight boarded more quickly and you can be on your merry way.
  • Music Chairs – while a fun game at children’s parties, it is not fun on an airplane. Most airlines let you select your seat when you book your ticket. (I am an aisle sitter 85% of the time, if possible). Particularly if you are flying as a family or with someone you can’t be apart from for a couple hours, do everyone else a favor and select your seat in advance. And understand that if you are flying last minute, your family of 6 may not all be able to be in one row. Your fellow passengers do not want to execute some elaborate seat switching plan that involves a diagram.
  • Inside voices – please remember when you are on the plane that you are in a small confined space with a lot of other people. Some folks have work to do, some want to sleep…NONE want to listen to your loud conversation. Also, not every stranger next to you wants to chat the entire flight…or at all. If they put headphones on, that’s a sign they do not want to talk. (I personally carry headphones for this exact reason but usually am not listening to anything)
  • These seats were made for…..sitting – do not stand on them to get into the overhead bins, do not put your feet in the seatback pockets and do not pull on the seatback in front of you when standing up. Use the arm rests to help you get up. Nothing is more annoying that having your head jerked back when the person behind you gets up to use the facilities for the 3rd time.
  • And Finally….2’s a crowd – when your personal items come through the x-ray machine, gather them and step out of the way. All airports have areas to put yourself back together, put shoes and belts back on and get re-situated. Do not do this while you stand where your items come through security – you prevent everyone else from getting their items and getting out of the way.