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Departing from MDT

Be sure to check the local forecast at your destination to make sure that you've packed weather-appropriate clothing!
Every flight listed on this page is maintained by the respective airlines and is continuously updated 24 hours a day. Harrisburg International Airport is not responsible for the accuracy of this flight information. Please call the airlines directly if you have any questions about flights.

US Airways 42285:46 AMBostonOn Time5:46 AMC3
United 48175:50 AMClevelandOn Time5:50 AMA2
US Airways 42065:59 AMPhiladelphiaOn Time5:59 AMC3
Delta 24136:00 AMAtlantaAt Gate6:00 AMA3
Delta 37586:20 AMDetroitAt Gate6:20 AMA1
US Airways 28426:30 AMCharlotteOn Time6:30 AMC3
United 33386:31 AMWashington-IADOn Time6:31 AMB3
American Eagle 27556:50 AMChicago O'HareOn Time6:50 AMC1
United 3597:00 AMChicago O'HareOn Time7:00 AMB1
US Airways 43107:49 AMPhiladelphiaOn Time7:49 AMC3
US Airways 17978:50 AMCharlotteOn Time8:50 AMC2
US Airways 42439:05 AMPhiladelphiaOn Time9:05 AMC3
Delta 40359:35 AMDetroitOn Time9:35 AMA1
US Airways 427410:10 AMPhiladelphiaOn Time10:10 AMC3
United 457010:15 AMChicago O'HareOn Time10:15 AMB1
United 333010:49 AMWashington-IADOn Time10:49 AMB1
Air Canada 726710:50 AMTorontoOn Time10:50 AMC3