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Rewards Form

Earn points fast

Points are now a regular part of the Flyer Rewards program.  Submit your trip data forms via the website or stop by the Club (Monday - Friday) between 5 am and 6 pm to report your trip data to the Club attendant, in order to make your trip data known to us and therefore eligible for points!

Points cannot be awarded if your trip data forms aren't submitted, so please be sure to get them in promptly! 

Points are earned for airfare spent and parking onsite at the MDT parking facilities (parking offsite or drop-offs are not points eligible).  

To check your points status, visit the Susquehanna Club staff during normal club operating hours and ask to know how many points you have on account, what rewards they can be redeemed for, and when the points expire.  

Points expire on an every 6-months schedule, no exceptions.  The points expiration dates are 3/31 and 9/30 - Please have your trip data forms submitted well in advance of these dates.  Trip data forms for "back-dated trips" submitted on 3/31 and 9/30 will not be processed or accepted.  

Trips that were taken before your Flyer Rewards card was issued to you are NOT eligible for points.

If you have questions please contact us at