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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How early do I need to arrive at the airport before my flight?
A. The suggested time to arrive in the HIA parking lot is between 75-90 minutes before your scheduled departure. During the early morning hours (5 a.m. to 8 a.m.) and during the afternoon rush hours (2 p.m. to 6 p.m.) we suggest ninety minutes. When making your reservations, please confirm with your airline their specific check in deadlines.

Q. When does the airport open?
A. The terminal building and parking lots are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, the airline ticket counters are only open during those hours with departing flights. Visit our airlines page for a listing of approximate ticket counter hours. Rental car ticket hours vary as well.

Q: Can I talk to the airline staff stationed at HIA?
Airports and airlines have a landlord and tenant relationship. HIA is a local municipal authority facility and each airline serving HIA leases space from us to operate their business. Since HIA and airlines are separate companies; the airport is not connected to the airlines' phone or computer systems.

Therefore, the airport staff is unable to connect calls to the airlines' desk or access the airlines' computer systems to provide you further information about lost bags, reservations and more. You MUST call the airlines' 800 numbers or visit their websites to reach them. Each airline serving HIA makes the decision as to whether or not they have local phone service. So, HIA staff must adhere to each airlines' standard operating policies and may not release unlisted phone numbers to the public.

Q. How many bags can I take?
A. In general, you are allowed to take two checked bags, one carry-on bag and one personal item (a purse, computer bag, etc.) on each flight per person. However, each airline has their own set of rules, regulations and weight limits. Airlines are charging passengers for bringing a second checked bag, please contact your airline for specific details.

Q. Where can I find out what items I am not permitted to take on the airplane?
A. Check with your airline and/or with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Each airline has specific rules on special items. Visit the TSA website for more information.

Q. How do I find out what airlines fly to and from HIA, and to which destinations are nonstop flight offered?
A. Please refer to our online NonStop Route Map.  

Q. What is the airport code for Harrisburg international Airport?
A. The FAA recognized identifier for Harrisburg International Airport is MDT. MDT refers to Middletown where the airport is physically located.

Q. Where should I meet arriving passengers?
A. All arriving passengers can be met on the second floor of the terminal building between the entrance of the food court and the security checkpoint. The best place to meet would be in the "meet and greet area" which is signified by the tile mosaic (on the second floor of terminal).

Q. Where can I park to wait for an arriving passenger?
A.  It is recommended that you make use of the cell phone lot at MDT.  You can wait in your vehicle for up to 30 minutes free prior to picking up an arriving passenger(s). 

Q. I lost an item in the terminal. Who should I contact?
A. The HIA police department has a lost and found area where items turned in are kept for a period of time. For more information, please call the airport police department at (717) 948-3501.

If you lost an item on an airplane or rental car, you will need to contact that airline or rental car company directly via their 800 number.

Q. My bag was not here when I arrived, whom should I contact?
A. The airline you were flying with is responsible for your bags, therefore you will need to contact them and file a missing or lost luggage bag claim. There are numerous options available to you to file a claim. You can either go to the airline's baggage office at HIA, to the airline's ticket counter (if it is open), call the airline's toll-free baggage claim phone number or file a claim online at the airline's web site.

The airport has NO control over lost or delayed luggage.  While the staff that works at the airport's Customer Information desk will be happy to point you in the the right direction to locate your delayed luggage - we cannot get it for you.  We'll assist you to find airline personnel to help you with your luggage questions and issues.

Q. How do I get to Harrisburg International Airport?
A. HIA is easily accessible off PA route 283 or PA route 230. For more details see our directions page.

Q. Can I escort someone to the gate?
A. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) only allows ticketed passengers beyond the security checkpoint. Special arrangements can be made with the airline for special situations, such as young children flying alone and for passengers who may need assistance. Speak with your airline for further detail.

Q. Is there a currency exchange facility at MDT?
No, there is no such service at the airport.  We recommend you visit your local banking institution for more information on this type of service.

Q. Are there shoe shine services at MDT?
A. No, there is no such service at the airport.