Fraudulent Email Alert

If You Received an Unexpected Email from HIA, It May Be a Scam.


There is a high level activity of spam/phishing emails circulating stating they are from Harrisburg International Airport.

Please know that:

  • HIA does not have a Customs Office
    • Multiple scams claiming unclaimed packages or trunks left at customs offices or the need to pay immigration fees for individuals traveling through our airport have been reported.
  • HIA does not have a Luggage/Baggage Storage Facility or someone claiming to be the Head or Manager of said facility/department
    • Multiple scams claiming undisclosed sums of money in packages or trunks have been reported.
  • HIA does care about passenger security.
    • While we cannot stop these scams from being attempted, we do want the general public to know they are happening, and not to be scammed.
      • Please delete any suspicious email.
      • Please do not click any links within these emails.
      • Please do not send money to individuals claiming to be the airport.
      • Please do not give personal information to individuals claiming to be the airport.

If you ever have a question or concern about the validity of an email, please feel free to send us an email via the contact us form below.


If you have additional concerns please contact police@saraa.org.