Cargo Expansion Project

Harrisburg International Airport has begun a multi-year cargo apron expansion project to build three new cargo aircraft parking spaces.  In 2021, more air cargo was flown into and out of central Pennsylvania via the airport than in any previous year.  This project also realigns access to the cargo complex, to the PA 193rd Air National Guard and to an area set up for the construction of a second air cargo sortation facility.

In 2022, construction crews will tunnel under the runway and taxiway to install two six foot in diameter drainage pipes to carry storm water from the expanded ramp to the Susquehanna River.  For safety reasons, and to keep the airport open as much as possible, overnight runway closures are necessary as construction work is only allowed between 12:00 am and 5:30 am.  If an arriving flight doesn’t land by 12:00 am, it will be diverted to another airport.

Project updates will be posted as they become available.