Airport Projects

Current Business Opportunities at Harrisburg International Airport

This section provides information on current business opportunities and bids, for construction and related projects for airport facilities, or for goods & services at all SARAA airports. For more information, please contact our Engineering Department.

Currently Open Projects

HIA: Rehabilitate Heating System - Building 513

SARAA: Airport Insurers and/or Insurance Brokerage Services

FCRA: Construct Snow Removal Equipment Storage Building

HIA: Incinerator

HIA: Baggage Handling Control System Upgrade

GA Airport Signage Project

HIA: Parking Garage Maintenance - Phase 4

HIA: Well Head PFOS Emergency Response - Electrical Service

HIA: Building – Tensioned Fabric Structure System

SARAA: On-Airport Automobile Rental Concession – Harrisburg International Airport

SARAA: Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Archived Projects

FCRA: Construct Parallel Taxiway Extension - Phase III

HIA: ARFF Vehicle

HIA: Acquire Snow Removal Equipment (2 Tow-Behind Brooms)

SARAA reserves the right to reject any or all bids.


SARAA Auctions – Public Surplus

The Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority (SARAA) will sell surplus items occasionally via the online auction site To view available items in detail, please visit to register and search the Pennsylvania region for the SARAA page.

Direct any further inquiries related to Public Surplus Auctions to Bob Gardner at 717-948-3900.